Organic Hair Raiser Dark Roast Coffee

$ 19.00


Don’t be intimidated by our award winning, darkest roast. It's intricate, bold, and velvety with a hint of warm cinnamon. 

Hey Google, how do you make strong coffee? Good coffee?

Before we begin, let's clear some things up:

  • Strong coffee is thick, not watered-down. It's bold, dense, and rich to the taste. It has a full weigh to it. Think of brewing strong coffee as making a very flavorful, rich pasta sauce, or drinking a very full bodied Cabernet. 
  • Strong coffee does not mean super caffeinated or super bitter. If your coffee tastes bitter, it has much more to do with the raw beans or how it was roasted. Step number one is buying good quality coffee beans. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

What coffee do we recommend starting with?

Organic Hair Raiser! 

This dark roast yields some of the best brewer coffee, due to its flavor level and high quality beans that allow for great extraction.

Extraction is another name for brewing. Coffee extraction is the process of using water to pull out coffee's solids — caffeine, oils, acids, carbohydrates, and melanoidins (sugars combining with amino acids). Organic Hair Raiser is full of flavorful solids that not only smell incredible, but taste even better. With a high coffee-to-water ratio and fresh Hair Raiser beans, this coffee will be unlike any you've ever tasted.


Take a sip and experience productivity in a pour! 

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