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How do you make coffee?

Scratch that, how do you make strong coffee? Good coffee?

Strong coffee is thick, not watered-down. It's bold, dense, and rich to the taste. It has a full weigh to it. Think of brewing strong coffee as making a very flavorful, rich pasta sauce, or drinking a very full bodied Cabernet. 

The benefits of rose petal tea

Rose petals have been used in teas and other medicinal tinctures for thousands of years in history. They create an aromatic, tangy herbal beverage that is thought to have numerous health benefits to the drinker. Our Passion Fruit and Rose Petal Tea just happens to be our best-seller, too.

Here's to the town that started it all.

Caribbean Coffee is your coastal gateway to the coffees and teas that have been fueling Santa Barbara festivals, businesses, and people for more than 35 years. California born and raised, we're coming to you with good vibes and great coffee.

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