Organic Espresso

$ 19.25


With a full body and complex flavor, this organic stand-out espresso yields a rich strong flavor that Santa Barbara businesses here have fallen in love with. After it's extensive popularity in the area we started selling it online to enjoy around the country.

What is organic coffee?

Organic coffee is grown using all-natural methods and styles, including utilizing organic fertilizers like coffee pulp or compost. This results in organic coffee farms emitting less carbon than other growing methods, a big win for clean coffee production. 

Organic coffee is grown in the shade of lush coffee fields with the trees close together. This creates a good amount of sustained soil fertility and provides shade and coverage for other plants and animals that utilize this space. These coffee forests are typically resilient to tropical weather and are showing to be a better and better investment for coffee farmers in these tropical regions.

Organically farmed coffee is growing in popularity over the years, which is why we're offering so many options in our coffee product line. Shop all of our organic coffees by clicking here or try out Organic Espresso for your morning organic pick-me-up.