The Beautiful Benefits of Rose Petal Tea

The Beautiful Benefits of Rose Petal Tea

Roses in your tea? Yes please. 

Rose petals have been used in teas and other medicinal tinctures for thousands of years in history. They create an aromatic, tangy herbal beverage that is thought to have numerous health benefits to the drinker.

It just happens to be our best-seller, too. 

You read that right: year over year, our Passion Fruit and Rose Petal Oceania Tea continues to be the best-selling product in our line.

May 08, 2022 — Jen Torchalski
Hey Google, how do you make coffee?

Hey Google, how do you make coffee?

Scratch that, how do you make strong coffee? Good coffee?
Before we begin, let's clear some things up:
  • Strong coffee is thick, not watered-down. It's bold, dense, and rich to the taste. It has a full weigh to it. Think of brewing strong coffee as making a very flavorful, rich pasta sauce, or drinking a very full bodied Cabernet. 
  • Strong coffee does not mean super caffeinated or super bitter. If your coffee tastes bitter, it has much more to do with the raw beans or how it was roasted. Step number one is buying good quality coffee beans. Don't worry, we've got you covered.
May 06, 2022 — Jen Torchalski