Habana Roast Cuban Style Coffee

$ 15.25


Sabor latino en cada sorbito!

This medium/dark roast is an exotic Cuban blend that's great for making the classic cafecito. It perfectly recaptures the spirit of Cuba, a getaway island of classic cars, tropical palms and nights of dancing. Named after La Habana province, home to the largest city in Cuba and many timeless memories.

Make a cafecito (café Cubano) with our Habana Roast Cuban Style Coffee:

  • For the most classic Cuban coffee, brew an espresso using our Cuban Style beans. 
  • Make the Cuban sugar foam. Add coarse granulated sugar in a measuring cup or stainless steel creamer cup. Then add some of the first few of the espresso from the maker (these are usually the most concentrated!). Vigorously stir the sugar and espresso mix into a thick, pale and pasty sugary foam known as the espumita. To do it right, don't add too much espresso at once - start small.
  • Pour the rest of the espresso into your cup with the sugary foam and stir them slowly together. Serve in classic cups and enjoy your thick, sugary and dark coffee concoction.