Reboot CBD Coffee with Cascara

$ 27.00

From our partners at Velvet Hammer® Coffee comes a new line of CBD-infused coffees.

Two o’clock crash no more. Reboot is a bright and flavorful blend of coffee, CBD, and an added bonus: cascara. Sweet coffee cherry parchment is added to this specialty blend, providing an anti-oxidant boost for exactly the jumpstart you need to bring yourself back to life in the afternoon, without the late day crash. 

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What is cascara, you ask? The coffee cherry, or the plump coffee fruit that surrounds the bean inside, is normally discarded during coffee processing. But in many places in Central and South America, people began including the dried fruit pulp and skin with their final roasts to make a sweet-and-coffee mixture that is high in flavors and nutrients. 

The coffee cherry itself has earthy, citrusy and floral notes. It's equivalent to the antioxidant levels of wild blueberries, and per gram has more protein than kale, more iron than spinach, and more fiber than whole wheat.

Note: Reboot Medium Roast CBD Coffee + Cascara comes in ground only, not whole bean.

Roast: Medium

Flavor: Nougat, hibiscus, citrus, and cherry

Origin: Blended Colombian, Guatemalan, and Sumatran Coffees

Special Additions: 300mg CBD + Cascara

It’s a new morning for Velvet Hammer®, which is designed to give you the best blend of CBD and coffee. Morning, noon, and night, we have you covered with the perfect balance of caffeine, cascara, and CBD.