Power Down Decaf CBD Coffee

$ 27.00

There's nothing like a hot coffee to put you to sleep. From our partners at Velvet Hammer® Coffee comes a new line of CBD-infused coffees.

Power Down is the best tasting lights out coffee you’ll ever have. A warm and robust decaffeinated medium roast with a good helping of CBD brings all the comforts of coffee with the added calm to pull you right into the night. 

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Roast: Medium

Flavor: Buttery, herbal, and cedar

Origin: Blended Colombian, Guatemalan, and Sumatran Coffees

Special Additions: 300mg CBD

It’s a new morning for Velvet Hammer®, which is designed to give you the best blend of CBD and coffee. Morning, noon, and night, we have you covered with the perfect balance of caffeine, cascara, and CBD.