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    Our Premium Teas – old

    Hot Teas

    Harney & Sons (all natural)

     By the box – 20 individual bags/box
     By the case – 6 boxes/case, same or assorted

    Decaffeinated Ceylon – Caffeine-free black tea.
    English Breakfast – A simple China black 100% Keemun. Egyptian Chamomile – Chamomile flower heads.
    Earl Grey Supreme – Higher-grade blend of teas with added Silver Tips. Black tea, white tea, bergamot oil.
    Hot Cinnamon – 3 types of cinnamon, orange peel, black tea and sweet cloves.
    Indian Spice – Assam tea, fresh ground cardamom and spices.
    Japanese Sencha – Green tea.
    Orange Pekoe – Assam and Ceylon black tea blend.
    Organic Peppermint – Caffeine-free herbal peppermint.
    Red Rasberry – Tisane mix of rose hips, hibiscus, orange peel, raspberry leaves & flavors.
    Tropical Green – A green tea with natural and artificial flavors, including a hint of pineapple.

    Numi Organic Teas

     By the box – 20 individual bags/box
     By the case – 6 boxes/case, same or assorted

    Breakfast Blend – Assam, Ceylon Chinese Keemun and Darjeeling tea blend.
    Chamomile Lemon – Egyptian chamomile blossoms with Australian lemon myrtle.
    Aged Earl Grey – Assam black tea with Italian Bergamot and subtle citrus.
    Golden Chai – Traditional Indian tea, Assam black, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger.
    Gunpowder Green – Whole leaf green tea (hand- rolled method applied to tea leaves).
    Jasmine Green – Jasmine flower-scented green tea. Mate Lemon – South American Yerba Mate, Australian lemon myrtle and green tea.
    Moroccan Mint – Nana mint from North Africa. Orange Spice – White tea, real orange peel, Schisandra berries and lemongrass.
    Rooibos Chai – Red tea from South Africa.
    Toasted Rice – Traditional Japanese green tea with toasted rice.

    oceana-teas-logoExotic Iced Teas

     Loose leaf – Available in 1 lb. and 5 lb. bags
     By the case – 40/1 oz. portions and 54/3 oz. portions

    China’s Best – The best in class from the birthplace of black tea, our China’s Best combines premium black keemun and orange pekoe for a balanced, satisfying flavor. It boasts a rich tea flavor balanced with hints of fruit and a surprisingly sweet, refreshing finish.

    Mango – An enigmatic base of black keemun, orange pekoe and calendula whole yellow marigolds enhanced by our secret mango formula. Together they create an unforgettable tea for any occasion and season.

    Passion Fruit – The exotic and fragrant essence of passion fruit combined with our signature base of Chinese orange pekoe and black keemun is elevated to a whole new iced tea experience with the addition of rose petals and whole calendula marigolds. This combination produces a transcendent, relaxing tea that’s perfect for any occasion.