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    Our Specialty Coffees

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    Premium Proprietary Blends

    French Roast – A blend of Indonesian, Central and South American coffees roasted to glistening perfection. The quintessential French roast. DARK
    Organic French Roast – A pleasing blend of African and Central American coffees, roasted to a traditional French roast. Sweet and smoky. DARK
    Habana Roast – An exotic blend designed to recapture the spirit of the island of Cuba when it was the ultimate getaway for the affluent and Hollywood elite in 30’s & 40’s. MED-DARK
    House Blend – An exceptional and harmonious blend of premium Latin American coffees. LIGHT
    Italian Roast – Sweet, smoky, and tantalizing in flavor. A perfect conclusion to any meal. MED
    Kona Blend – The economical answer for pure Kona lovers, our blend combines the smooth taste of 100% pure Kona with Central American arabica in a supporting role. LIGHT
    Paradise Blend – A local newspaper columnist called this blend “An exotic, heady brew!” Sweetness from full city roast Central American arabicas and spiciness from dark roast Indonesia. MED-DARK
    Ranch Blend – This robust blend carries a well-rounded and sophisticated flavor and is an excellent choice for almost any occasion. MED-DARK
    Riviera Roast – A Santa Barbara style roast. This mild version of our dark roast coffee is not as intense as French Riviera. Roasted to a “Vienna Roast,” it brews an all-around impressive and satisfying cup. DARK
    Organic Santa Barbara Beach Blend – A comforting and classic taste, with Vienna and French mid-range notes and a touch of Indonesian spice. MED-DARK

    Hair Raiser® Brand Coffees

    Hair Raiser – Stimulate your attitude! This award-winning coffee is made from expensive Indonesian and African arabicas roasted dark and oily. DOUBLE FRENCH
    Organic Hair Raiser – Stimulate your attitude organically! An organic partner to our award- winning Hair Raiser coffee. DOUBLE FRENCH

    Varietal & Estate Coffees

    Colombia Supremo – Medium-full in body and an attractive winey quality makes this a well-received coffee at any table. MED
    100% Kona – Exceptional coffee from the Big Island of Hawaii. Full body, balanced acidity, rich in flavor. Light roasted, but big on taste and big on Aloha. LIGHT

    Premium Single-Origin

    Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – Ethiopia’s cream of the crop, this coffee is features distinctive floral notes and rich body, ending with a smooth finish and hint of blueberry. LIGHT-MED
    Organic Guatemala – This organic coffee is medium in body and sweet to the palate. LIGHT-MED
    Organic Mexico – Harvested in the shade-grown, ecologically conscious environment in volcanic elevations north of Puerto Vallarta, this coffee carries sweet and earthy undertones and creates the perfect cup. LIGHT
    Organic Peru – From the slopes of the Andes, this medium- bodied, organic coffee possesses a smooth, rich flavor withlively,tangyacidity. Whenroastedtoarichmedium roast it produces a well-rounded cup that has a broad appeal. LIGHT
    Organic Sumatra – This coffee is heavy bodied with lengthy earthy tones and hints of sweetness in the finish. LIGHT

    Decaf Coffees

    Decaf Colombia – Our most popular European process decaf. DARK
    Decaf Espresso – A blend developed especially for brewing with an espresso machine. Yields a sweet and visible crema. DARK
    Decaf French Riviera – The decaffeinated sister to our popular French Riviera. Fantastic full-bodied flavor. DARK
    Decaf Paradise Blend – A decaf version of our mostpopular Paradise Blend. Casual with a slight European flair. MED-DARK
    Organic Decaf Mexico — A bold-bodied crowd-pleaser featuring big plum notes and a hint of chocolate. MED


    Espresso – A continental style espresso. Specially blended to produce “crema magnifico” when brewed in an espresso machine. DARK
    Organic Espresso – Full body and rich flavor, this organic stand out blend yields a rich crema! DARK
    Decaf Espresso – A blend developed especially for brewing withanespressomachine. This espresso yieldsa sweet, uniform, and visible crema. DARK
    Espresso Maestro – Italian style espresso, slightly lighter thanourregularespresso. Forthosewhoappreciatean unmatched richness and crema. DARK
    Decaf Espresso Maestro – A decaf version of our Espresso Maestro. DARK