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Our Full Range of Products

Profoundly Good Products


We manufacture and distribute superior, freshly roasted specialty coffees to a broad range of wholesale and retail customers in Southern California and across the planet.

The roasting is done on our premises using a carefully monitored process. Only the best raw beans are selected for “power roasting” using our 60-kilo Roure roaster.

Our roasting professionals have years of experience and use a proprietary roasting method to maximize the flavor of each premium bean.

We roast over 100 varieties of specialty and custom blends, including organic and sustainable growth coffees.


Our Oceania Exotic Tea line consists of 3 different varieties of specialty tea developed from a recipe created by our founders. These teas are equally refreshing served hot or iced.

We blend the highest quality teas from three regions of China with locally grown botanicals, infusing our teas with exotic fruit essences to produce a unique, wonderfully refreshing drink.

We also offer a range of excellent Numi organic and Harley & Sons brand teas.

Nitro Brew

Nitro coffee. Smooth, easy to serve, and in-demand by consumers, it’s definitely a big deal in the coffee world!

We’ve been at the forefront of the nitro coffee movement and provide (in our humble opinion) the best-tasting nitro coffee out there.

With several nitro coffees (and teas) available, we’ll help you design a nitro program that fits your needs and your customers demands.

Nitro coffee kegs are compatible with many nitrogen keg coolers. If you’re new to the nitro game, our team will help you select the right equipment, and our service team will get you up and running in no time!