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  • About Us

    What makes Caribbean Coffee company your best choice for coffee, tea and service?

    Founded in Santa Barbara, California in 1986, we’ve been roasting and purveying profoundly good coffee to businesses and consumers for over 30 years. We’re committed to providing exceptional products and superior service at highly competitive prices.

    What truly sets us apart?

    Profoundly Good Coffee & Teas

    We know there are a lot of different coffees out there. Backed by our more than 30 years of experience, premium convection-based roasting method, attention to both tradition and trends and our sheer passion for what we do, we’re confident that our coffee and teas rival the best available anywhere. We also offer very competitive pricing to ensure the overall value we bring to customers is essentially unmatched.

    Exceptional Personalized Customer Care

    We’re responsive, reliable, friendly, fast and always ready to address our customers’ needs and concerns. We are also large enough to handle virtually any demand, but boutique and nimble enough to keep a strong and personal focus on our relationships with customers. Regular deliveries are timely, accurate and offered at no charge. And if any issues ever arise, we’ll do everything we can to make things right quickly and effectively.

    Superior Maintenance & Service

    We’ll provide and install any of your necessary coffee and tea brewing equipment at no cost to you. Our experienced, highly skilled service staff will provide professional equipment servicing, also at no cost to you, to ensure ongoing, optimal performance and quality coffee and tea products for you and your employees. If things ever go wrong, we’ll work to resolve it as efficiently as possible. We know that your time is valuable, so our service technicians will work with your schedule to set an appointment as early as possible, so there will be no waiting around for hours. We will also take time to answer any and all questions you might have about your equipment, and we’re always available to contact by phone, text and email.

    Comprehensive Product Range

    We offer more than 50 superior quality specialty coffees and teas, as well as both cold and hot nitro brew programs. Additionally, we can provide all the related accessories you might want, such as filters, cups, servers and coffee syrups.

    Excellent Organic Offerings

    Many of our customers have expressed great interest in organic foods and beverages. To meet that demand, we proudly offer a host of certified organic products, including at least 10 organic coffees, 10 organic teas and a full range of organic nitro brew products. We also now proudly and exclusively offer organic and fair-trade syrups from Joe’s Organic Syrups in 6 varieties for those who enjoy adding extra flavoring to their drinks or desserts.

    Above & Beyond Services

    Unlike the majority of our competitors, Caribbean Coffee Company also offers to customers a range of unique premium services that go above-and-beyond the normal call for vendor coffee, including onsite and remote cuppings (coffee tastings), demos and roasting tours. Be sure to inquire about further details if you’re interested.