Rave Reviews for Caribbean Coffee Company!

Caribbean Coffee Company caters exclusively to boutique hotels, high-end restaurants and country clubs that take pride in serving quality coffee backed by exemplary customer service. Here are a few kind words from some of our satisfied customers.

"We really appreciate the job you're doing for us. Your people deserve a lot of credit.” A.Stevenson, Bacara Resort and Spa

"Frankly…I'm amazed that there are still restaurants that serve 'okay' coffee when, for a relatively small increase in cost, they could be serving 'excellent' coffee…The increase is easily recouped from the repeat business. We are delighted with the products and service of Caribbean Coffee Company. They have taken care of all aspects of our coffee service promptly and courteously for probably 20 or more years.” John Downey, Downey's Restaurant, Santa Barbara, CA

"The coffee is wonderful. We have our own private blend. Since changing to Caribbean Coffee, I've had so many positive comments on our coffee. It made me realize how important great coffee is for the beverage service in our facility. The service is unsurpassed. Caribbean Coffee Company is always available and ready to help with orders or repairs.” Jason, Food and Beverage Manager, Glen Annie Country Club, Goleta, CA

"Caribbean Coffee Company is always there when I need them. If I need coffee, they deliver — no questions asked. If we need service, they are right there. I really like the coffee and our customers love it. It's always fresh.” Joe, Sous-Chef, El Encanto Restaurant and Hotel

"Caribbean Coffee is an absolutely fantastic product. John cares deeply about his product and service. He treats the running of the company and the coffee itself as a parent with his child.” Randy Plaskoff, Owner Ric's/ Ric's Café, Los Angeles, CA